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Sick Kid At 3 A.M.

Well, Last night was not so fun.  My youngest son Conner, apparently climed into bed with me & my husband at 3 A.M. only to puke on us.  Nice way to wake up right!  Well after cleaning all of us up and changing the sheets he did a replay of that about 1 hour later.  This time I did the smart thing and made a pallet right beside our bed on our wood floor, which is much easier to clean up, with a through-up bucket right beside him.  Of course this time he was totally fine and didn't get sick again.  Wish I would have done that in the 1st place.  So this blog is for all mothers of kids that could get sick out of no where this seson.

Ways To Somewhat Be Prepared:
1)  Always sleep your sick child in your room with you so that there is no chance he can drown in his own     through-up. ( Really could happen)
2)  Don't let them clime into bed with you- make a pallet on the floor instead.
3)  Have a through-up bucket and some tissues near them.
4)  Avoid kisses and hugs during this time-  you will become the puke target otherwise! (Just teach them to blow you kisses)
5)  Some kids think Pepto-bismol taste like candy.  Hide the bottle after administering to your child or they may try to drink the whole thing.
6)  Make sure you hide the bottle when their not watching you.  Kids can somehow find their way into anything!

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