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As of today I have been on the diet and medications that my Doctor prescribed for 4 weeks and have lost a total of 27 POUNDS! She has me eating less than 500 calories daily. When I first realized how few calories I was eating I was concerned that I would be hungry and tired. I have to say, I have felt good and I've not been starving at all. I'm praying that this continues. My diet requires me to eat fresh, highly nutritious foods, with protein, and without preservatives. I believe this makes the difference.

Below I've posted some more photo of the meals I've been eating. I've found some unique way s to prepare the food I can eat to mix it up some. Tonight I'm baking home made  strawberry candy and apple chips using a sugar substitute. I'm sure they'll taste great! On Pinterest I'v found tons of recipes for my diet. Feel free to follow me or check out my boards.

I have to share this amazing dressing I've found at Winn-Dixie. Its calorie, carb, sugar and everything else free! It's called Walden Farms and has helped to make eating just plain spring mix salad (with no other veggies) doable. It comes in many different flavors and has been a diet saver. My next venture is to try something called Miracle noodles and Miracle rice. It has no calories or carbs! I'm a huge pasta lover (Italian blood runs through my veins) so I'm really excited to try these. I'll let you know the verdict next blog. If you have any awesome diet/heath foods you'd like to share please leave a comment! I can use all the help I can get.

I have been giving myself one cheat meal per week. This has helped the diet not to become too mundane and has given me something to look forward to each week.  It's been motivation to do my diet correctly the entire week to earn my cheat. The first week I cheated with Chill. I chose a low fat flavor. It was a fun Friday night for my family and I. (see pics below) Usually I try to be smart about what I splurge on each week. Plus, my appetite and how much food I can eat has drastically changed. That has helped me not to overdo it on my cheats.

As I've watched how quickly the weight was coming off I was concerned that it was mostly water weight and that I wasn't actually loosing any body mass. Well, I took my measurement yesterday to compare to the ones I'd taken June 24th and here are the results...
Waist: -2 1/2 inches
Hips: -4
Thigh: -5
Upper Arm: -1 1/2 inches
Yay, I just did a little happy dance.   =}
I'm still not showing the weight loss like I want to be though. I'm ready for my clothes to fall off! I'm looking forward to a new wardrobe and shopping for it actually being a fun activity.

I went back to my doctor this past Monday and she was very pleased with my progress. She asked me to stay on the same diet for another month & told me to begin taking a B complex vitamin daily. She also gave me a B-12 shot before I left. Ouch. ='[

Over this next month I'm not sure what to expect. I have no idea if the weight will continue dropping this quickly and if I'll continue to feel this good. We shall see because I'm not giving up!
Until next time,
Blessings your way,