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The First Commandment

Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other Gods before me.  

When we think of other Gods we often don't think about 

the things that we put before God everyday.  They can be 

money, belongings, ministry, serving others, or even our 

family.  Anything that takes the place of our intimate 

relationship with the Lord is an idol.  The only way to 

have an intimate relationship is by taking the time to get 

to know Him.  We must cast down all distractions that 

hinder this.  Then we can seek and follow His guidance 

concerning everything we do.


 Just like a vine we must receive our daily nourishment 

because without it we may bear fruit for a time but will 

eventually wither and die.  When we are doing ministry 

and serving others this is even more important because 

we are giving away our nourishment and we don't need 

to allow ourselves to dry up or burn out.  Our daily time 

with God of course is that nourishment.  It is so 

important to read His word, pray, and listen to what He 

has for us.  Therefore, we must make sure not to have 

any other Gods that would get in the way!