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Weekend Miracles

My family and I had the great honor and pleasure to minister at Christ Community Church in Lake City, Florida.  Terry Shivers is the extremely anointed and solid standing pastor of this Church.  You can check out his blog at the link above.  If you are anywhere near this church I would advise a visit asap!  They are experiencing an amazing move of God!  You can definitively feel the flow of The Holy Spirit!  It's rejuvenating to experience the gift of freedom that Jesus Christ has given us once we stop quenching The Spirit with our own Worldly thoughts and explanations!

Saturday afternoon we broke up into groups and went on a "Treasure Hunt."  Before we departed we all prayed separately and asked God to give us some clues to find whoever He would have us to minister to that day.  (John 10: 27)  We wrote everything we heard on a piece of paper that had these categories on it: Location, Description, Prayer Needs, and Other.  I will tell you the clues I remember our group getting as we go.  Next we compared notes and decided what direction to go in first.  The man in our group had park listed under Location so we took off in that direction.  Directly before we turned down the street to the park there was a bridge with a sidewalk on the side of it that I had had a vision of and had written as my location.  There was no one on the bridge so we took that to mean that we were headed in the right direction.  As we approached the park there was an African American woman sitting in a van with a bright green shirt on.  Under description I had bright green shirt, & the man in our group had African American woman.  So we decided we would go talk to her to see if she was the treasure.  She was very nice and let us explain to her what we were doing.  She agreed to answer some of our questions.  First we asked her name, "she said Lisa."  That was one of the names I had on my sheet.  I was able to show her my sheet and she was blown away by what all matched.  Under prayer needs I had listed mother & mental illness.  She explained that she had recently reluctantly moved back to Lake City from Jacksonville to take care of her mother (Mary) due to her mental illness!  Mary was the name that the other lady in our group had on her list.  Lisa told us that her brother (Micheal- also a name on my list) had been diagnosed with HIV and she also helped take care of him.  She said she knew 100% that Jesus had sent us to pray for her not only because of the overwhelming evidence that we showed her on all of our sheets but also because of what she had been doing that day.  About this time 2 boys on bike cycles rode by (I had bike cycle on my clue sheet).  Lisa said that she had gone to the lake to pray (I also had water on my sheet under location) but she had to leave there because of the bugs.  She said that's why she was at the park but that she couldn't muster up the faith to pray for herself so she believed God sent us to do it for her!!!  At that time I asked her if I could ask her a personal question without her getting offended.  She said yes so I told her that as she may have seen I had listed backslid Christian listed under other and I asked if that also applied to her.  She said yes it does.  We were able to explain that Jesus wanted an intimate relationship with her again and that was partially why he made her our "treasure."  She was blown away by the fact that Jesus cared so much about her that He would give complete strangers such personal information about her just to remind her how much He cares.  We prayed for her and she was very touched.

When we left the park the other sweet woman on our team said that she had the mall under location on her sheet.  So the man (who knew the area well and was our team leader) began driving in that direction.  When we walked in we saw a red and white canopy over Bath and Body Works and she said that she had seen that in a vision while we were praying so we began looking in that area for a woman in a yellow shirt (because she had a woman named Mary and a yellow shirt on her sheet.)  There was on woman in a yellow shirt with another woman in a wheel chair and a baby in a stroller.  So we walked over to her and told her what we were doing.  She was receptive and told us her name was MARY!!!  We showed her the sheet that had all of that info on it and she looked shocked.  I told her that her baby was adorable and asked his name.  She said Jonahn and that she had adopted him.  My oldest son Sean was on our team.  He is 8 years old and he had also prayed and filled out a sheet.  He got excited and said mom I have the name Jonah on my sheet!  So we showed her that as well.  Then we asked if there was anything specific she needed prayer for?  She said yes that she would take all the help she could get.  She said that she had severe neck and back pain due to lifting a wheel chair for over 30 years and now her new baby (I had physical pain listed on my sheet under prayer needs.)  The other woman with her in the wheelchair was her daughter.  I asked her if she knew Jesus and she said no.  Then I asked if she had ever read the Bible also no.    So I explained that the Bible says that if we lay hands on the sick they shall recover.  (Mark 16: 18)   I asked if I could place my hand on her neck to pray and she said OK.  I did and we all said a short and simple prayer.  Then I asked her to try and mover her neck.  She did and started to look scared.  I asked her if the pain was still there ans she said NO!!  We told her that Jesus had taken away her pain.  

We talked with her some more then went & sat at a table to write down what had happened.  Then a man walked over to us and asked if we had any girl scout cookies.  We looked at the sign on the table and realized that's what it advertised.  We apologized for not having cookies but told him we have something better instead.  He allowed us to pray for him for a job (which the other woman had listed under prayer needs on her sheet.)

It was getting close to time to be back at the church to share testimonies about what had happened so we planned to head back.  But as we were leaving the mall my 8 year old son spoke up and said we didn't go to my location.  He said he had the airport listed.  The leader of our group handled that great!  He said OK I know where a small airport is, well go there.  So we took off in the opposite direction from the church.  As we were about to leave the mall parking lot we saw this big orange racing truck and the man in our group said, "Wow I like that truck."  He was looking at it as we rode by and realized he knew who the woman was driving it.  He said that's Louise I know her!  Sean (my son) showed me that name was on his paper!  So I spoke up and we stopped to speak with her.  She was excited once we told her what we were doing.  She told us that she had over come cancer many times throughout her life. So we prayed that it not reoccur.  She also had us pray for and elderly woman who she helped periodically who had experienced some trauma that morning.  Her name was Lucy (also a name on Sean's paper!)  This woman was a believer in Jesus and was just thrilled that He had led us to her.  

We went back to church and shared our experiences.  The entire weekend was wonderful.  The messages about the importance of mentor-ship and all of the words that were bought seemed well received.  
It was phenomenal!