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Homemade Fabric Softener

"I've been using homemade fabric softener in the washer for several months now. It works in the dryer and even for the clothes hung on the line.

The key ingredients in homemade fabric softener are simple household objects: baking soda, water, and (you guessed it) vinegar. All you have to do is take is two cups of white vinegar and two cups of baking soda. Slowly stir these into four cups of water.
(Remember when you made those "volcanoes" in first grade and the volcano "erupted" when you poured vinegar into the top? That's what happens when you mix your own fabric softener so make sure you mix it in the sink in case it overflows.)
When you're finished making the softener, store it in a plastic bottle. When you need it for doing your laundry, just shake up the solution a bit and add to the laundry load and continue as usual. You can also try adding half a cup of white vinegar or one-quarter cup of baking soda to the last rinse to increase the fabric softener effect.
To add a smell you like you can use a couple of drops of essential oils.&; They are sold at the flea market.

Another way to make it is:

1 bottle of hair conditioner (CHEAP.......don't remember the brand I used but it
was $.79 and lilac scented)
2 cups white vinegar

6 cups water
Mix in a gallon jug. I transfer it to a used softener bottle, then use that cap
as a measure for the amount to use."