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My In-Laws House

My in-laws took me and my sis-in-law to see the house that they are set to close on in November.  This sweet little woman's selling because she's an 84 year old  widow in need of a smaller home.   Her house is perfect for my in-laws!  It  is pretty big at around 2080 sq. ft. with a big back yard that has many different kinds of  fruit trees.  The cool thing about that is before my in-laws left Venezuela to come here they received a word that they would get a beautiful house in which Miok would be in the back yard picking fruit and berries.  Jerry & Miok (my in-laws) came here from Venezuela, which was their most recent home as missionaries for over 25 years, to start a church here.  They have started over 40 churches and this will be the first one that God has called them to start near us.  It's going to be an English/Spanish speaking Church here in Mobile, Alabama.  We're all so excited!

Well, as we're walking through this woman's home I started noticing these beautiful paintings all over her house.  Some were of ocean views and landscapes and others of a place she said she goes to camp at.  She had a whole sewing room set up in her house and some crochet as well.  There was a shelf with hand carved birds cut out of it and ton of personal writings and family pictures.  Not to mention her yard had an array of different trees and different plants.  I got to peek into this woman's life of 84 years.  She was extremely talented and very spunky for her age.  I complemented some of her art and asked how long she had been doing it.  She told me about 9 years.  I was astonished, I told her it looked like she had been doing it her whole life.  She just looked at me and smiled as she said I just decided to try it.  She gave me some amazing advice that it took her many years to learn.  She told me to try everything that you think you might ever want to try.
Before we left this sweet little woman told us of some of the places she had traveled and some of the heart aches she had endured.  She had definatelly lived life and seemed to have done it well.  I'm sure that is the exact thing that God wants us to do while where here.  Try everything that he gives us the will to- without fear or questioning.  In order to live this gift of life from Him- for Him- and to do it well.  This life is too short to do things only half way.  We grow throughout our lives just like those fruit trees in that sweet little womans yard, but it's up to us to produce fruit.  What greater purpose is there than to produce that fruit as people in Gods kingdom?

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